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Hamza Abbasi has the sweetest message explaining why he chose to marry

Some people get married for themselves because either they fall in love or because their lonely or maybe because of family or to have kids, these are also good reasons, but

15 tweets that prove how heart-wrenching it is to let spider man go off the Marvel franchise

What does this mean? Well spider man is not a part of the Marvel Cinematic universe anymore

Hamza Abbasi is all set to marry this actor and we’re elated!

Hamza Ali Abbasi is all set to marry artist/actor Naimal Khawar. Naimal has been seen in the popular drama Anaa on Hum TV, and besides that she is a worthy artist and puts her work up in art galleries every now and then. Hamza Ali Abbasi is a popular actor as well as a renowned PTI activist. He had recently performed hajj. They're both going to tie the knot on 25th of August and subsequently have their valima on the 26th of August.

Pakistani Cricketer Hasan Ali marries an Indian

As well all know that Hasan Ali is a popular cricketer from Pakistan, but very little is know about Samia Arzoo. She hails from Haryana, Punjab and has done her engineering from London. Currently she works with a private airline in Dubai.

This Pakistani was deported from Mexico for the strangest reason

Upon her arrival she stood in a queue for immigration like everyone else. But to her surprise she was stopped mid way before reaching the counter.

All you need to know about Babar Zaheer’s Mehndi/Nikkah

Last night he had his mehndi and nikkah ceremony, and without any surprise a lot of celebrities made there appearances. Heck, Mahira Khan even danced

This Woman is a Careem Captain and People can’t stop talking!

Amidst the “khana khud garam kar lo” movement’s, some women are actually breaking stereotypes by going up and beyond an average pakistani’s mindset. Yes you heard that right! Women are not coming slow when it comes to challenging their ability to do what men can do.

Brazillian President says, the Amazon Fire is not his top priority

Although Brazil controls the majority of Amazon's rainforest, the brazillian prime minister paid no heed to the quick spreading of the fire. Saying " it's not one of my top priorities".

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