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Renowned Mexican model shot dead

Famous Mexican model Lizeth Portillo Rodríguez was murdered in broad daylight in her father’s butchery and grocery shop.

In a shocking incident, famous Mexican model Lizeth Portillo Rodríguez was shot dead in the Mexican city of Chihuahua.

According to media reports, she was in her father’s butchery and grocery shop when a man walked in and opened fire at her.

Lizeth Portillo Rodríguez died on the spot and the accused fled with his accomplices in a white car.

Police has started its preliminary investigation but no arrest has been made so far. The police said the 14 bullets were fired at the model and the murder didn’t look like a robbery.

Senior police officials said they were looking at all angles and determined to resolve the case as soon as possible. Lizeth Portillo Rodríguez rose to fame with the musical group Herencia Mtz’s video ‘A leguas Se Nota’.

So far, the group Herencia Mtz didn’t comment on model’s sad demise. Chihuahua, the Mexican state bordering United States, is infamous for gun culture and gang war.

According to reports, Chihuahua recorded 791 gun murders in 2016 which is a 40% increase over the state’s homicide total in 2015. Chihuahua’s border city Ciudad Juarez is infamously known as Mexico’s “Murder City” due to an outbreak of cartel violence from 2008 to 2012.

Chihuahua’s Attorney General’s Office revealed in a report that the state logged a total of 321 murders during the first two months of 2017. Mexican authorities blamed the rise in murder cases on gang wars.

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