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Nawaz Sharif has no right to prevail in office, Khurshid Shah

It shameful for a prime minister to remain in office once his own cabinet begins discussing his resignation, Leader of the Opposition Khursheed Shah said in a press conference on Thursday.

He accused the ruling party of moving towards a confrontation with “national institutions”, saying, “A lot of damage has been done by the way you [PML-N] have tried to malign institutions, which will take a lot of time to repair.”

“It is shameful for the sitting prime minister of Pakistan to be holding a work visa and getting salary from a small country,” he said, referring to a finding in the joint investigation team’s report, which claims the PM was employed in the United Arab Emirates even after being elected in 2013.

It is no more a matter of Article 62-63, the opposition leader said. “The issue is now about the criminal acts that have been committed — you misused the Representation of People Act and submitted false documents.”

He also said that members of the Sharif family were trying to mislead the courts and that the PM had lost his right to remain in office “even for a minute.”

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