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JIT allege 14 Questions to “Prime Minister”

The interrogators of Joint Investigation Team (JIT) put forward as many as 14 questions to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and sought their answers from him.

Read on as the JIT questions and PM’s answers are as follows:

Question 1: You affirmed the presence of record of Azizia and Gulf Steel Mills. However, your counsel denied it?

Appearing before the Supreme Court, your lawyer declined the presence of such documents.

PM’s reply: I cannot say for sure. Maybe, I handed over the record to the speaker.

Question 2: What record did your sons submit regarding Azizia and Gulf Steel Mills?

PM’s reply: I have not gone through their submissions; however, I endorse them.

Question 3: Have you brought any documents that you want to submit with us?

PM’s reply: There is no more with us. We have already submitted whatever we had.

Question 4: What do you know about the settlement of Al-Tawfiq Company’s debt?

PM’s reply: I did hear about the settlement. But, I know nothing about its points.

Question 5: Was matter of London flats put on table at the time when family assets were distributed?

PM’s reply: Yes. The matter of London flats came under discussion at the time of settlement.

The London flats were in possession of Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz. I am not sure. Perhaps, Hassan Nawaz is owner of London flats.

Question 6: But, Hussain Nawaz says he owns these flats? It is despite the fact that Hassan Nawaz has been residing there for over a decade?

PM’s reply: It is not an extraordinary affair between the two brothers.

Question 7: Do you know about the trust deed between Hassan and Maryam Nawaz?

PM’s reply: No. I don’t know about it.

Question 8: Is Saeed Ahmed of National Bank known to you? Did you have any business ties with him?

PM’s reply: Yes. I know him since long. But, I have no business relations with him.

Question 9: Do you know the Qazi family as well?

PM’s reply: No. I don’t. I meet a lot of people and cannot remember all of them.

Question 10: Do you know Sheikh Saeed?

PM’s reply: Neither I know him nor do I have any business deal with him.

Question 11: Did any settlement take place regarding the loans of Chaudhry and Ramzan Sugar Mills with the NAB?

Kindly inform us about this loan settlement.

PM’s reply: I do not know anything about this loan settlement.

Question 12: Have you dispatched any money abroad for members of your family?

PM’s reply: No. I did not send any money abroad for my family members.

Question 13: Did you use the money you received from Hill Metal Company for political funding?

PM’s reply: No. I didn’t. Would it have been a crime, if I had done so?

Question 14: The money from Hill Metal Company came under foreign funding?

But, PM Nawaz did not respond to this question regarding the money from Hill Metal Company under foreign funding.

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