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Harry and Meghan Markle labeled hypocrites because of Kate and William

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently took a trip to Edinburgh from England to spend some time with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. News broke when they were seen boarding a budget flight of 73£ per person on Flybe, while Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a private jet for their trips to Ibiza and Nice in the past 11 days.

Prince Harry and Meghan have been in the limelight ever since the two got married. And an extra attention has been put on Meghan especially for her being an unconventional Royal Daughter In Law. She’s often put under a spotlight being compared to Kate Middleton. But we’ve seen Meghan not paying any heed to the rumors, heck we’ve never seen her talk about it either.

But for this particular day, the spotlight is on Harry and Meghan both for being hypocrites. As Harry talks about how carbon footprints matter, and that he’s going to have 2 children to lessen the magnitude of carbon footprints on his part. Knowing that his brother and sister in law have 3 children?

Kate and Williams budget friendly trip with their children could seem like a “back at ya”. But we can’t say for sure.

Till we figure out the frenzy, here are some pictures of Kate and William with their children walking out of the flight with their baggage.

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