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Brazillian President says, the Amazon Fire is not his top priority

Spanning across 2.1 million acres of land, The Amazon forest is quite often referred to as “the lungs of the planet”. It’s said to have contributed for 20% of all the oxygen provided to our planet. As trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen, this fire is going to significantly change the overall climate of the world.

Since the record keeping of wildfires started in 2013, the increase in wildfires was noticed last year with around 40000 fires recorded in brazil alone. Which increased to another 74,000 fires this year. This is almost a 100% increase!

Typically mild to moderate fires are expected in the dry amazonian weather that lasts from July to October and mostly peaking in September. Which blazes sparks through natural occurences like thunder lightening or the Sun itself. And usually loggers deliberately set fires too to clear the path for industrial or agricultural use. All of which was balanced in the wetter season.

But this time on, the increasing fire blackened the sky to hinder the sun’s appearance 2000 miles away in Sao Paulo. And the satellite image showed that the sky upon brazil had turned dark.

Although Brazil controls the majority of Amazon’s rainforest, the brazillian president paid no heed to the quick spreading of the fire. Saying ” it’s not one of my top priorities”.

President Jair Balsonaro is also known to have been keen on development projects like hydroelectric dam and highways on amazon. Which required a significant deforestation.
On the wildfire of the rainforest of Amazon he shrugged saying, “It’s the season of queimada, and cultivators and loggers set fire to the forest deliberately to clear land, which is seasonal, called queimada”.
“I used to be called Captain Chainsaw. Now I am Nero, setting the Amazon aflame,” Bolsonaro said. “But it is the season of the queimada.”

This season has been the hottest it’s ever been. Which has made it an ideal condition for sparking blazes. The decreasing forests cause a huge impact to the climate, making it hotter. As the world is getting hotter every year, the snow capped mountains are melting earlier than expected. The hot air sucks out the moisture from trees, making them more prone to catch fires easily.

As of now, parts of columbia, canada, alaska and Siberia are also blazing, deforesting whatever is left on the planet.
Is dooms day near?
Soon we might not have the oxygen to breathe or the ozone to protect us from the sun.
Leave us your thoughts below.

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