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Will the PSL final still take place in Lahore?

The sound of crazy supporters echoing around the National Stadium in Karachi. WOW! What an atmosphere there used to be.

It has been a long time since we last saw Pakistan host one of the top ranked ICC test playing nations. March 2009 to be precise. It was Srilankan Cricket team which had come to tour Pakistan but the series was disturbed because of terrorism.

I can still remember the crazy atmosphere which used to be there in the ground. I and my friends had sore throats because of excessive shouting. We even tried to nail the Mexican wave but we couldn’t as it requires exceptional timing and practice, something which the western crowds are better at. All this including the jumping and dancing which the Pakistani crowds are really good at. From banging empty plastic water bottles on the seats to bringing posters in support of all our favourite superstars, Pakistan does really miss international cricket.

Cricket is something which still unites the nation. We eliminate every dispute within our country whether it be of race or politics and become ONE UNIT.

Sadly, people still exist who do not want us Pakistani die hard cricket fans to find bliss in the form of international cricket.

A conspiracy or just pure terrorism, what mistake did we do who are dying to witness international cricket again in our homeland.

Mr. Najam Sethi, in the opening ceremony of the second edition of the PSL said that all the necessary security issues are being observed regarding the safety of the ones participating in the PSL final which was going to be held in Lahore. He even said that foreign security teams are coming to Lahore to inspect and review the security issues.

But like always, what happens? Peace is disrupted in the form of a blast.

Mr. Sethi now says that if the fans are willing to watch the PSL final in Lahore, it will go ahead. But what about the foreign players? Will they come to Pakistan to perform in the final? And to be honest, the foreign players are one of the biggest reasons of the success of the Pakistan Super League.

Never the less, the lovers of the game including me are still willing for this thing to happen and if the security measures are proper and concrete, at least I am willing to go to watch the final and insist you too.

And whether foreign players will come here or not, we are ready still go, watch the raw Pakistani talent work their backsides off.

Let us focus on the positive side of it. Pakistan is not short of talent. Even the blind cricket team and the women’s cricket team are doing extremely well in their own vicinities. If we keep focusing on the positive side, those behind these tragedies will eventually back off because at the end of the day, it is the good who wins over the bad.

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