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This Woman is a Careem Captain and People can’t stop talking!

Amidst the “khana khud garam kar lo” movement’s, some women are actually breaking stereotypes by going up and beyond an average pakistani’s mindset. Yes you heard that right! Women are not coming slow when it comes to challenging their ability to do what men can do.

While Saudi Arabia has finally let their women drive on their own, Pakistani women have started to come out of their comfort zones and drive for a living!

This Careem captain from Karachi is going to satisfy your inner feminazi.

Miss Naila Labeed is a woman careem captain from Karachi. And by looking at what people have to say, a pretty good one in her own right!

A few days ago a fellow karachiite put up his acknowledging post about this captain, applauding her work and professionalism.

Here are some things he said and we quote:

“I had one of my best Careem rides ever. She was no less than any professional male driver & did her job amazingly well”

He also jotted down points on how people especially men should behave and deal with a female captain. And quite honestly, we’re so thankful to him.

Here’s what he suggests:

1. If you are a male then please sit at back instead of the front seat, majority women will not find it comfortable to have a stranger sitting at front seat with her so please respect the CULTURAL ASPECT & sit at the back voluntarily.

2. Be NICE & show some PATIENCE if she asks about any particular way or drives a bit slow. Please consider that it’s not easy for a female to adjust in this field from day one, your patience will immensely help & encourage them.

Again thanks to Miss. Naila for dropping me off at my destination, more power to you & all the female Captains 🙌

REMEMBER! It’ll be our behavior & cooperation which will encourage more females to pursue this career & earn Halal income to meet their expenses just like anyone else. Let’s set positive trends in becoming a tolerant nation.

While there were many who appreciated this woman, there were quite a few people who were worried whether permission was sought to write about the careem captain:

And Maaz Ismail put these comments to rest, like this:

Miss Naila had previous customers pitch in for her reviews too! This is what they had to say:

She takes rides along with her son in the front seat at night! Good to see her children are supportive of her decisions. Feminists in the making!

Wow we can’t stop applauding this woman! So many good reviews for her. This is exactly what we wanted to see this Independence month. The kind of Pakistan we aspire to live in.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Read the original post here.

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