Culture is a character of a country. It delineates that what are the standards, values and general social practices, people stories, images, writing, moral, religious qualities and expressions of a country? Culture is a scholarly social conduct that we pass on from era to era. Lifestyle, our battles, our dresses, our sustenance propensities, our dialect, our saints and verifiable spots are our way of life.

Ling our character by receiving different nation’s culture. Our method for a living has been completely changed. We make proper acquaintance as opposed to stating salaam, we don’t give an estimation of our Islamic culture. We wear European style dresses as opposed to wearing Shalwar Qameez. Urdu is our national dialect yet we feel ungainly to talk in Urdu.

We lean toward Shakespeare books rather than Allama Iqbal’s verse. While English is our official dialect rather than Urdu. English medium tutoring we are giving yet Islamiat, Persian, Pak-studies, and Arabic that ought to nuts and bolts of our tutoring, is going oblivious. The individuals who talk in English considered instructed. Eating nourishment with society is a way. Indian indecent melodies are exceptionally prevalent in our general public.

This all is a western and Indian style that we have received and we are utilized to it. Our own particular personality has been gone in darkness. We need to spare our way of life, our character in countries of the world. As the world has turned into a worldwide town we need to demonstrate our personality that we are an alternate country. Media has turned into the best reality of the world. In any case, sadly, our media is likewise propelled by the others.

Pakistani culture has an extraordinary impacted by the encompassed societies of India and Middle East. Our childhood is taking motivations from Turkish and Indian shows. Indeed, even in our own particular shows and movies, we are not ready to see our own way of life. In result, our childhood and youthful youngsters’ are away from our own social and social qualities. By utilizing distinctive media we can spare our way of life.

We can see Iran who battled for the sparing their way of life, even they presented Islamic dolls, Zara and Sara. Also, another brand Fatima doll presented that is not Iranian but rather Arabic on the counter of the Barbie doll. Since they would prefer not to be affected their child young ladies from Barbie doll which wears European style dresses and don’t wear Hijab. In Iran generally, western TV channels are banned for quite a while. Since in an Islamic culture where Hijab is an unquestionable requirement for the young ladies they would prefer not to indicate on the grounds that it empowering terrible veiling in the public eye.

In the event that we need to spare our way of life then we need to begin battle now. Since in the event that we won’t advance our qualities, we will wrap up. Our way of life will kick the bucket and we will be in charge of that. Really, it has turned into an unfortunate propensity of our general public that we don’t do anything however simply discussing that or highlighting an issue and after that sit tight for the change. Society exists just as a mental idea; in this present reality, there are just people.

We can leave a mark on the world and spare our qualities for our coming eras else we will be flat broke. It is an ideal opportunity to change ourselves independently. We can do it in the event that we truly need to do.


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