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"خبر کی دوڑ میں سب سے آگے"

Thursday / August 17, 2017 7:59 PM
HomeBlogsSima Kamil to become first women CEO of a Leading Bank in Pakistan.

Sima Kamil to become first women CEO of a Leading Bank in Pakistan.

Sima Kamil first women CEO

One of the nation’s biggest bank of Pakistan, United Bank Limited (UBL) has reported something which has never occurred ever. A greatly anticipated declaration was made by the board executives of UBL that they have given the position of new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of UBL to Sami Kamil. She will be the principal lady to end up noticeably a CEO ever. Since 2011, Sami had been driving Habib Bank Ltd’s. (HBL) Branch Banking and managed an extensive development of HBL’s branch arrange. She had been managing HBL’s retail, customer, and rustic saving money activities, little and medium undertakings. Furthermore, she was likewise the leader of the HBL Asset Management Company Ltd. UBL has 1,281 branches all over Pakistan including 22 Islamic managing an account branches and 1 branch in Karachi trade preparing zone, and 18 branches outside Pakistan. Wajahat Hussain, current CEO and President of UBL will proceed until the agreement closes on 31st May 2017 and afterward will go separate ways with the bank. As he is not keen on restoring his agreement at the bank, as indicated by the declaration made by directorate in a meeting held as of late. Sami Kamil will take up her part in June 2017. She has a business degree from Kingston University in the UK and a MBA from the City University, London. She seats the Board of Governors of the Karachi Grammar School, and is a board individual from the Notre Dame Institute of Education. She likewise has involvement with global money related establishments, inclThusly, Sima Kamil will turn into the primary lady in Pakistan to lead a noteworthy bank in the state. It’s a well-known fact that she is the most capable agent in the country today. Her assuming control over UBL’s aduding American Express, a monetary administrations organization, and Standard Chartered Bank. ministration will open a vital part in the historical backdrop of Pakistan’s managing an account area!