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"خبر کی دوڑ میں سب سے آگے"

Friday / August 18, 2017 1:35 AM
HomeUncategorizedWe salute to those people who are planning to watch this movie – RIP Chain Aye Na

We salute to those people who are planning to watch this movie – RIP Chain Aye Na

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As soon as the trailer of Syed Noor’s next film ‘Chain Aye Na” was released, social media was abuzz with hilarious comments, memes and jokes about the movie.

It is not very often that we go over a 90’s shabby Lollywood film trailer in 2017. Pakistani director, Syed Noor’s ‘Chain Aye Na’ is recently that and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The motion picture brags of a tremendous star-cast and presents Shahroz Subzwari and Sarish Khan on the silver screen but the trailer has failed to impress! The trailer has fetched more than 100, 000 views within few hours of its release on the video sharing website YouTube.

It, however, has received hilarious response from the fans.

The Chain Aye Na trailer just turned out the previous evening and keeping in mind that it was at that point an unexpected that it discharged so discreetly into the night, what was considerably all the more amazing was simply the trailer.

Syed Noor calls it a definitive restoration of silver screen however subsequent to viewing the trailer for Chain Aye Na, we’re very certain this is the “demise” of Pakistani film!

To begin with things in the first place, resembles this was planned by a tyke on the Paint program. Where are all the expert artists?

Shehroz Subzwari actually resembles the lead on-screen character, Sarish Khan’s child sibling. We don’t know what the executive was considering while at the same time giving them a role as a couple!

Height of fake-ness? Did the blood simply fly out of no-where to arrive on the scoundrel, Adil Murad’s face? This was a noteworthy face-palm minute!

Like each 90’s film, Chain Aye Na additionally has a vamp found in some lovely flinch commendable scenes with the badboy, Murad.

Why does the lead performer resemble a vamp here?

The motion picture is by all accounts a run of the mill one with two folks adoring one young lady situation where there’s a decent person and a baddie. The trailer is inadequately altered while the shots are irregular and the film resembles a low spending one.