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Rishi Kapoor takes a dig at Bollywood over Baahubali 2 crossing Rs 1000 crore

Rishi Kapoor and Kunal Kohli just tweeted about Baahubali’s new record and their snarky comment about Bollywood cannot be missed.

Baahubali: The Conclusion continues to take the world by storm. So when trade pundits said that Baahubali 2 is a hurricane at the box office, they aren’t exaggerating. The SS Rajamouli film has proved this point by crossing Rs 1000 crore in just 10 days. There were comparisons made by fans and critics about why Bollywood can never make a Baahubali. We spoke about how Bollywood lacks required skills that team Baahubali had in spades and seems like actor Rishi Kapoor might just agree with us.

Rishi Kapoor who never minces his words, took to Twitter to express his happiness about Baahubali touching the benchmark of Rs 1000 crore. He tweeted, “Seeing Bahubali 2 now. Interval. Chat later about the film. I want to know where has this film been shot? I want a 2 BHK there! Any agent?” After that, he added, “”BAHU”t”BALI”yaan chadengi filmon ki to match this film’s triumph and business. An Indian Celebration.Glad am part of this business of films”

Rishi Kapoor followed filmmaker Kunal Kohli, who had earlier in the day, also made fun of all the Bollywood stars who promote their film on reality shows. Kunal had tweeted, “So the stars of #Bahubali2 didn’t go on reality & comedy shows & make an ass of themselves doing silly things & answering silly q&a’s.” He also tweeted, “The juggernaut of #Bahubali2 rolls on. As amazing as the numbers are. Why aren’t people discussing the content which made the numbers?”

While Bollywood turned a miser when it was about appreciating Baahubali, few like Rishi Kapoor and Kunal Kohli showed audacity about accepting the faults the Hindi film industry has, which makes director SS Rajamouli’s film a benchmark for it.

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