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Remembering Those ‘SERIOUS’ New Year Resolutions

Almost a month ago, everyone was ready for a new life in the form of New Year resolutions. Some of us promised ourselves never to lie again while some of us wanted to demolish the extra fat that had accumulated in our bodies.

To be honest, at first we all take new year resolutions like we are all going to nail it. But only a handful of us are really able to fulfill those resolutions.

One of my friend’s resolution was to run. YES run the fat out of his overly sized body. He chose a location in the form of a neighborhood family park. He chose to run, the first thing in the morning after he woke up. He went there the first day full of enthusiasm and energy and found elderly people walking briskly on the track which formed as a kind of boundary of a lush green grass field which had swings and see-saws overtaken by young energetic children.

His job was to keep his eyes on the track but he didn’t do so. But it wasn’t his mistake. He didn’t have any guide or trainer or partner. But still he did not lose hope.

He started with a brisk walk, looking here and there but his limbs were full in motion. After around 10 minutes he upgraded to a slow jog. However, he could not keep up the pace for long. He came back to the brisk walk but no now he started to feel something. He was breathing REALLY hard now and his heart was running now instead of him. ‘THUD’ ‘THUD’, he felt the pain in his legs now and the sweat pouring on his forehead.

Enough for that day he declared loudly and went outside the park straight into his car and off to his home.

He was able to continue his running streak up till 13 days when he finally had a choice to make. It was a family event where his parents asked him to visit and they were surely not changing their mind. THIS was the toughest decision he had to make since a long time.

Now what happened that day, he quit. He decided to go to the gathering which was not at all an important one. All that hard work he was putting into from the past fortnight went in vain. It went in vain because he couldn’t carry on his physical exercise anymore.

The thing which I am trying to point out is that if you plan to do something then do it regularly! There are negative effects if one starts to run his heart out or do a physical exercise and does not continue it. The muscles could start getting loose and if the proper diet is not followed then there are adverse effects of it.

Author: Hasan Shahid

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