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The PSL is sold out? Like seriously?

In the opening ceremony of the edition 2 of the PSL, Mr. Najam Sethi clearly said that,’ yeh PSL completely sold out hai’. Was it just me or did everyone hear him say this? But the thing is absolutely the opposite as we can clearly see only a few number of people in the stands. So what can we make of this? Was Mr. Sethi actually lying about the fact just to gain more viewership?

The Dubai International Cricket stadium’s capacity is around 25000-30000 but we can clearly see oceans of seats unoccupied in the matches up till now. It was in the opening ceremony in which Mr. Sethi gave the speech in which artists such as Ali Zafar, Shehzad Roy and the international lad Shaggy also performed. It was in the opening match only in which there were ‘more’ people compared to the following matches up till now.

But why would Mr. Sethi, such a respectful figure, hide the truth regarding the audience?

I tried to find the opening ceremony speech which Mr. Sethi gave on the internet but could not find it. Maybe he said that just the PSL FINAL was sold out. But no. I clearly remember each and every word he said regarding the sold out thing.

Another question which is raised on the board is regarding the players who have been sent back home to Pakistan. Were they REALLY involved in spot-fixing? The PCB has not disclosed what kind of activity the players were actually banned for.

A HUGE QUESTION MARK is now raised at the reliability of the PSL because the beauty of the game whether it be cricket or any other sport lies in true competition.

Domestic leagues are the platform for raw talent to be discovered and that is something which IS happening as the players, at least the young ones are giving their 100%.

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