Dr. Asim was conceived in Karachi on November 28, 1953. He is the present executive of Ziauddin Group of Hospitals, his folks being the establishing individuals from the same.

He is the Chairman of Higher Commission and the Chairman of Petroleum Institute of Pakistan. He is otherwise called the Chairman of Ziauddin Group of Hospitals in Karachi and in addition perceived as previous Advisor of Prime Minister for Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources of Pakistan. Dr. Asim is additionally an author of Ziauddin University as he is the grandson of Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed who had stayed indispensable educationist before the freedom of Pakistan.

He is acutely dynamic in the fields of well-being instruction and legislative issues as well and had likewise risen as a key government official. He has a place with Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed family amid the season of autonomy of Pakistan and his family was near Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Dr. Asim finished his registration from Karachi Grammar School and after that conceded in Cadet College, Petaro. He invested a long stretch of energy in Army and got resigned as a Lieutenant after which he chose to achieve MBBS’s degree because of which he selected Dow Medical College.

The 62-years of age Dr. Asim finished his graduation in MBBS in 1978 and afterward left for Europe for his further reviews from where he likewise finished his M.C.P.S in 1981.

He was captured by Sindh Rangers and was sent to imprison by a hostile to fear based oppression court on the assertions of debasement. The rundown of Dr. Asim Hussain debasement case takes after the charges of abutting is charged that through every one of these exercises, Dr. Asim has figured out how to aggregate an abundance of around US 8 billion dollars.

He has been a nearby helper to previous President of Pakistan and PPP’s Chairman Asif Ali Zardari. The previous President asserts that Dr. Asim is a dynamic individual and is unequipped for debasement. Every one of the charges is a piece of setup arranged by government and military powers.se of power in various parts, fake, IRS evasion, and fear financing.

Debasement is a social shame that has been administering Pakistan since its being. As of late, Panama Leaks has discharged its report that claims specifically some front countenances of Pakistan.

The present PM Nawaz Sharif being on the top has been blamed for having unclaimed resources seaward. Additionally, as indicated by a report in 2015, NAB has documented 228 defilement cases just in reference to 2014.

Reviewing only a couple super debasement cases over the previous decade, we can list various case records:

  • Chaudhary Sher Ali’s territory trick case
  • PPP’s Qasim Zia’s fake case
  • Best model Ayyan Ali’s tax evasion case
  • MQM’s originator Altaf Hussain’s IRS evasion case
  • Fixing in 2013’s decisions
  • Hajj defilement case
  • NATO holders case
  • OGRA trick
  • PIA defilement case
  • Pakistan Steel Mills trick
  • PMDC’s fake enrollments’ embarrassment
  • Rental Power Project trick
  • Panama Leaks

What’s more, the rundown goes past these few matters.

Dr.Asim has been recently appointed as the divisional President of Karachi by PPP, showing true support for him and still likely to do more to prove him innocent.

Like these cases, it is yet to find whether the agents can have enough confirmation in support of their claims with respect to Dr. Asim Hussain defilement case.


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