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Are you Nervous? The Key is NOT TO GIVE UP!

‘Either break yourself or make yourself’, these were my high school teacher’s comments when I was nearing my university life. How hard could it actually be? I thought inside my head. The orientation was going to be held the next day. I was all set to attend it. I opened my closet and tried to find my best clothes. ‘SIGH’, I had already worn everything existing in my closet and wanted something new. Opened my wallet only to discover I had some chillar (coins) left. This was the time my favorite person in the world entered the game, my father.

I walked up to him in a very miskeen (poor) way and asked him for some cash. He didn’t say a word and gave me a blue note. ‘I LOVE YOU DAD!’ I screamed and rushed towards the garment store which was around two kilometers from my house. It was winter season but I didn’t even wear my jacket. Such was the level of my excitement. I entered the store and spotted a white shirt with blue stripes on it. I was always into light colors. The price tag said RS. 800. ‘I’ll wear it with those blue jeans in my closet”, I thought to myself. I reached out in to my pocket, pulled my wallet up and paid him even without trying the shirt and rushed back to my house. Fortunately it fit perfectly. I could hardly sleep that night as the thoughts and images of my orientation were circulating in my mind.

Next day I woke up at 9 in the morning and leaped towards the bathroom to take a shower. The orientation invitation said that I had to be there at 5 in the evening but I wasn’t gonna wait that long. I dressed exactly after taking the shower and went downstairs towards the kitchen to have breakfast. My mother was shocked at me being so proactive. Little did she know that it was just for a day.

I was waiting for the time to come desperately. I was staring as the pendulum swung right and left. Literally I was waiting for the time to come as if had won a lottery and was going to get the winning amount.

Eventually, the time appeared.  I asked my brother to drop me off. I took the orientation invitation with me. The guards were checking everyone’s invites outside the premises of the university. I fiddled with mine as I took it out of the envelope. I managed to do it but it was as if I was lifting a huge rock uphill. The guard allowed me in and I went inside to find out lights all set one by one in a sequence on the horizon. Hundreds of chairs were set up and I was the FIRST one to reach there. I was baffled.

Now, thoughts started flooding my mind. Thoughts such as, ‘where do I sit’, ‘why am I so early’, etc. But I tried to keep my nerve. One rule which I had learned somewhere was that if you get startled somewhere, start heavy breathing! I walked towards the chairs and sat down. The speakers and other stuff were being set up as I sat down on the chair.

Gradually, the seats started getting full and there I was finally into a crowd of unknown human beings who were chatting to each other, commenting on each other’s phones, some of them staring at the girls.

‘GOOD EVENING EVERYBODY!’ someone’s voice finally echoed in the atmosphere. Suddenly there was silence all around. It was sounding like a fish market before that. The speaker was the dean of the university who welcomed the students and gave a brief introduction of himself, the university and the teachers. After that the class schedules and other course related stuff was distributed amongst the students.

I was regular for the first few days but wasn’t able to catch up. Then the golden words struck my head again. The key is not to give up! Eventually I was able to merge in the university but at the expense of much hassle. So if anyone of you is nervous and getting negative thoughts about something. Remember the golden words. THE KEY IS NOT TO GIVE UP!

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