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Is Nargis Fakhri getting hitched to Uday Chopra?

After over a year after their charged separation, The Rockstar on-screen character Nargis Fakhri was spotted with Uday Chopra in New York.

All in all, What’s cooking?

The meeting starting off bits of gossip that the couple may be back together.

As indicated by Indian media, “A couple days back they even invested some energy at an extravagance resort, The Mulia Resort, and Villas in Bali.”

Pictures of Nargis and Uday likewise turned into a web sensation after they were spotted at Mumbai airplane terminal together on Saturday.

The winding part was that Nargis Fakhri secured her face while Uday flashed grins at the paparazzi.

At the point when Nargis Fakhri was gotten some information about it in a prior meeting to an Indian media entrance, she stated, Am I truly dating? Fascinating you ask me. Uday Chopra is a man will’s identity a piece of my life for whatever remains of my life. He is the most stunning individual who I have ever met in all my years not simply in India but rather around the globe. On the off chance that anybody is his companion that individual is fortunate to have him in his life.

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