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"خبر کی دوڑ میں سب سے آگے"

Monday / August 21, 2017 3:28 PM
HomenewsMustafa Kamal arrested

Mustafa Kamal arrested

mustafa kamal aug

KARACHI: Police took into custody Pak Sarzameen Party leaders Mustafa Kamal, Raza Haroon and Dr Sagheer, while shelling tear gas at protesters to stop them from reaching the Chief Minister House on Sunday.

The police also started shelling and used water cannons at the PSP workers as they tried to move barricades blocking their way towards the Chief Minster House in Karachi.

PSP chief Mustafa Kamal was also reportedly injured after being hit by a teargas shell.

Media also reported the police was trying to arrest of Raza Haroon and Dr Sagheer however, they were resisting

The Mustafa Kamal-led PSP had said this on April 16. The specific day of what the party likes to call a ‘Million March’ has finally arrived today.

Protesters try to continue to march towards CM House by dispersing in nearby roads, then reappearing and pelting stones at police.