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Let’s Say Bye Bye to A Lazy Day and Start a Fresh One!

The day had just started but you are still in a sleep mode. And whatever you try, you are not able to shut it. Right? Well it’s a problem of everyday that you are not be able to kick out this drowsiness of yours in a work place.

So here is some tips you can follow to keep yourself active and energetic in workplace. Other than the cliché of drinking coffee and tea, a person should keep his or her body active which will directly going to keep an individual mind fresh, rather than gluing yourselves to computer desk. A person could take a small walk or could do some stretches.

In tea breaks, instead of in taking junks foods which make people feel sleepy, a person should take a balanced diet which is also healthy and going to provide sustained energy. The most important thing to keep sleep away is that a person should always keep himself/herself hydrated. The posture and sitting position also contribute in your laziness, try to sit up straight, it’s also good for your backbone and you’ll be attentive as well.

In a workplace try to make small talk, in this way you will not get bored and able to take some rest from work. Try to adjust your lighting, so that you could be attentive.

Last resorts for person to be attentive is to get a full eight-hour sleeps, manage and schedule your time in such a way that you’ll get a full eight-hours sleep.

Author – Sundus Saif


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