As far back as the promos of ARY Digital’s much dubious dramatization Khuda Mera Bhi Hai was revealed, everyone’s eyes were on the serial as it tended to the unthinkable issue of bringing up a transgender kid. The dramatization hit the wireless transmissions with its presentation scene last Saturday and it is no stunner that it harvested the most noteworthy appraisals for first scene of any 2016 show till date.

At the point when men are stubborn – they are called ‘pioneers’. At the point when a lady is stubborn – she is informed that she can’t be a decent spouse.

In the late most scenes of Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, which rotates around a solid, certain hero “Mahi” (played by Ayesha Khan) and she loved  Zain (Syed Jibran) – who have an intersex kid, we see that Zain’s mom does not need Zain to wed Mahi. She refers to the reason, “Ladies like her can’t have satisfying relational unions.”

Mahi’s character however is appeared as somebody who is useful and also principled. She is subversive just when her standards are assaulted – however, she is caring hearted (she receives a road youngster called Sona and pays for her cabin/instruction) and advises her relative that she has no malevolence towards her. However, she doesn’t remain down before the harassing conduct that her relative shows.

In Mahgul we see another kind of champion being molded – a present day lady who believes her customary values however knows but then additionally recognizes what’s backward and stands against it.

With an expansion in new stations appearing and a crowd of new ability rising in media outlets from performing artists to TV essayists, it appears we have at last achieved the point where we can really begin being glad for what our media outlet is producing.

Author Name: Sana Malik


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