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"خبر کی دوڑ میں سب سے آگے"

Wednesday / August 16, 2017 10:33 PM
HomeBlogs‘Kareena Kapoor’ turns up the show for Faraz Manan Couture Show in Dubai!

‘Kareena Kapoor’ turns up the show for Faraz Manan Couture Show in Dubai!

kareena kapoor

Known as a sweetheart in her internal friend network, Kareena Kapoor Khan flew out to Dubai to go to the couture show of form planner Faraz Manan.

The second meeting consecutively! Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan demonstrated for Pakistani creator Faraz Manan’s Fashion indicate the previous evening in Dubai. Prior to that, they met at a birthday gathering of a shared companion around the same time!

Kareena Kapoor and Faraz Manan are besties and we have confirmation! The Bollywood on-screen character has been the substance of Faraz Manan garden, an affiliation that finished just this year. In any case, does that mean these two are finished? Not under any condition!

The two are known to be great buds and kindred gathering ers – so no curve balls that she turned up on his huge night! The mold demonstrate included Faraz Manan’s extravagance pret accumulation called Mirage. Kareena wore a shining dress to illuminate the night.

The Pakistani architect has a lead store in Jumeirah and his inward friend network incorporates Kareena Kapoor Khan! What’s more, that is one reason she went to the show! Bebo charmed everybody with her sheer and shimmery nearness at the show.

The creator indicated luxurious outfits from his “Mirag” accumulation and, what Kareena wore gave us an extremely “Indian” feel with lehenga skirts and some diving shirts.

He more likely than not planned them particularly for her!