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Karachi vs Lahore!

‘Karachi Karachi hai yaar’. Many must have heard about this statement about the city which never sleeps. On the other hand you also must have heard about the statement which says, Lahore jesi koi jaga nahi.

So which city is the ACTUAL heart of Pakistan? Karachitites go to Lahore and often discover that regardless of the muscular bodies of Lahori men and the fairness of the women there, when they let their tounge a slip, that hunk and babe feeling goes down the drain.

‘Aap karanchi se ayen hain?’, these statements make karachities go bonkers.

Meanwhile on the other hand, it is another case in Lahore.

The city which is home to extreme temperatures and by extreme I mean to say within the scope of Pakistan.

The language and accent difference especially of lahoris and karachites creates a big fuss over here.

When a Lahori visits Karachi, words such as abay, oye are new to them and they go bonkers. Chowrangi for example is like a quadruple tower to them where as it is just a roundabout here in Karachi.

But if we talk about property and crimes, Lahore is way better to reside in. There are less chances that your mobile will be snatched in Lahore as compared to Karachi. Real estate over there is also cheaper as compared to Karachi.

Karachi can be easily called the gateway to Pakistan but Lahore is actually closer to Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan. Plus if you’re planning on a vacation then Lahore is the best place for you because a drive to the hill station Murree is just a few hours away.

Also, for every 1 bike in Lahore you have like at least 10 bikes in Karachi which makes it difficult to travel through the busy Karachi streets.

Although Karachi has seen a decrease in crimes, Lahore is still leading the way if you’re looking for a nice place to live in.


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