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Karachi has become a place where ‘source’ and bribery has become a norm

I just got out of my home and started walking towards the masjid to offer my dhuhr prayers. Suddenly, I heard the sound of metal being dragged onto the concrete road. My first impression was of an ordinary bike slip. But no this was not the case.

An elderly man with white hair which indicated he was in his 50s or 60s had suffered a heart attack while riding his motor bike. He ended up just in front of our house.

I ran towards him along with other people around me and then like always there was a huddle around the scene. Like a good human being would do, a person called an ambulance who rushed the victim to a nearby hospital.

Now his possessions in the form of his bike was right in front of our house so we decided to park it in our garage (our biggest mistake). We did this so that no one else would steal the bike and if any from the family of the person would approach us, we would hand over the bike to them.

Two days passed but no one came so we decided to take the bike to the local police station. At the police station, instead of thanking us the police officers, indirectly started blaming us that we took a long time to hand over the bike to the police.

We had clear intentions and did what good citizens would do but we get this in return? The police took the bike and told us that the family of the bereaved would like to meet us and that they would visit our house later that night. We being ‘shareef’ people said okay.

So what happened next? At around 8 pm that evening, a constable accompanied the so called ‘family’ of the bereaved and came to our house.

They started bullying us in the form of asking questions like where the incident took place. They had a very aggressive tone.

Luckily for us, a neighbor happened to be in the police who interceded the matter. The so called family of the bereaved retrieved as they saw our neighbour.

The moral of the story is that if you help someone here in Karachi, it will be a huge sin to do so in Karachi terms. I’m not planning to help anyone after what happened with me and my family after this.


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