From your most punctual youth onwards, you set out toward specific objectives or are guided by others. You most likely will have a family and a vocation, attempt to acquire more to have a superior life, teach your kids, and trust that they will have a superior life than you. Once every week you meet alternate individuals from your more distant family. You take excursions, go to work, and invest whatever is left of your energy at home. With the exception of a couple hiccups in transit, your life advances systematic and you as a rule experience nothing outside the customary.

Everything in your life is by all accounts planned, and everybody’s life resembles everybody else’s. You have to work to understand these objectives, and you need a family to proceed with your genealogy. As indicated by this perspective, what else would you be able to perhaps need other than “a great job” and “a decent family?” Having accomplished these objectives, you hope to lead a glad life. Thusly, everything is awesome and you will live cheerfully a great many.

Nonetheless, some essential changes are occurring in your body and environment. Numerous cells with assorted capacities satisfy their motivation and pass on. As you age, it gets to be distinctly harder to supplant them. Your body is maturing noticeably, as observed through your sicknesses and shortcomings. Time moves quick, and the inconceivability of turning around it gets to be clearer consistently. Suspecting that you would live joyfully and serenely perpetually, you are by and by nearing passing. In this way, this common life can never give the feeling of satisfaction and peace you anticipate. At the point when this “wonderful” life closes, you will encounter the genuine truth. Given this reality, none of your life aspirations ought to wind up distinctly your actual reason in life. This life is an impermanent trial to isolate the upright from the criminals.

Always remember that everything on the substance of the earth is made for a reason. Everything you see around you fills an uncommon need. There is likewise a reason for which you and whatever is left of humankind exists the universe and the majority of its substance, not simply humankind, will bite the dust on the Day of Judgment, for on that Day the trial will end. Many individuals will perceive its dropping by its signs, and the occasions paving the way to the universe’s passing will be actually hair-raising. At long last, on that Day, Allah will bring up every one of those up in the graves and all individuals on the Earth will be demanded an explanation from. The individuals who did not hope to experience such a Day will never again have the capacity to deny it, thus will bow to Allah’s will whether they need to or not. Allah has arranged a fabulous end for the universe, and in spite of a great many people’s endeavors to deny this reality, the Day of Judgment will come at its selected time.


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