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Hey iPhone, Happy Belated Birthday!

A DECADE ALREADY? Curse! I feel old! Ok don’t take that seriously. Since the first IPhone was revealed to the public, on the 9th of January, 2007, the technology world has been drastically affected by the ‘i-family’. Steve Jobs (late) revealed the iPhone to the public on the 9th of January, 2007 at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

Talk about sales, iPhones get sold out to the public instantly after being announced. And the iPhone wasn’t the only product which was revealed to the public. It had a younger brother in the form of the iPod and another relative, an effective internet breakthrough device. In this journey from the birth of the iPhone up till now, more than a billion iPhones have been sold.

The present CEO of Apple, Tim Cook said that they (Apple) are just starting! Ok right Tim. What’s your next goal? Completely knocking out competitors? But one can easily say that the first round of this boxing match has been won by Apple. Let us see what happens in the second round.

One thing is for sure, the design of the iPhones including those curves and edges, weight and other features are unmatchable. But this isn’t a monopoly. In this type of market there are always competitors who will always try to steal your customers. And now when the Grandfather of cellular phones, Nokia has started to produce smartphones, Apple’s common sense can be disturbed.

And then there are consumers who just get ‘used’ to a particular brand. The brand gets inside their subconscious mind. If it’s Apple, then one will always be like, “Apple is the best!” Okay why? “Umm Its expensive or idk”.

Some consider the iPhone as the “ORIGINAL” smartphone. “Replicas and copies are what the others produce,” commented one of the long time IPhone users. But maybe this is true. At least to some. Back then when the phone was unveiled there were no headphone jacks. Well there still exist headphone jacks but the latest IPhone 7 family has no jacks. I guess Jack fell down and broke his crown. Who knows what Tim Cook and his team is up to now with the next series of iPhones to be launched in the near future.

Well for now were wishing the iPhone a very happy 10th birthday! We expect the smartphone giant to keep fascinating us with what it has done from the past decade and keep surprising us with the omission of Jacks and Jills. Bad news for you Jill.

Author name: Hasan Shahid

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