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Goodbye Dandruff! Have A Nice Life!

‘ARGHHHHH’, I shouted as I approached the mirror only to find out that my hair (sir k Baal) was taken over completely by tiny white particles. I panicked instantly. OMG this will cause so much embarrassment. What will people say if not in front then behind my back (which is obviously a sin). And then I saw light! Yeah this friend of mine who is a doctor by profession advised me with some desi totkas. A doctor and desi totkas?! Wait what? Yeah you heard me. Well she personally tried all of them and the result? They WORKED! So here are some ways to kick that weak army of dandruff out of your gifted head!

Baking Soda

Okay so now you want to give a kick to the dandruff at the back and without moving around here and there? Well sorry buddy you’ll have to go somewhere. Not so far to be precise. Go to your kitchen and try to find baking soda. Stand in the shower letting your hair get wet and then put a spoonful of baking soda onto your scalp. Wash it afterwards. Baking soda contains some stuff which fights fungi which causes dandruff.


You don’t feel like going anywhere huh? I knew it. Well for those of you who take your smartphone along to the bathroom, try to look around.  You will probably find a thing which says MOUTHWASH somewhere. After shampooing your hair, wash your hair with a little mouthwash (alcoholic). It’ll do the trick.


Go to your refrigerator, open it and try to look for some yellow objects. I’m talking about melons! Oh wait no sorry! I meant lemons. Cut them in half and squeeze them in a glass or container or whatever. Then apply two tea spoons of lemon juice on to you scalp. Then wash it with water.  There you go!

If these things do not work out then there are other stuff such as garlic or yogurt. There is a cure created for every illness or disease so just RELAX! Hope you guys knock the heck out of dandruff from your scalps!

Author: Hasan Shahid

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