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Are we dumb, helpless and despondent?

Pakistan continues to seek help from other countries as we are unable to build and clean roads ourselves. We fail to provide security to our citizens. The transport system is in a pathetic condition.

We urge others such as the Chinese to build our roads and take care of debris found on the streets. Moreover, now we are urging them to help us fight terrorism. It is not wrong to ask for help if required when our natural resources are not enough to cater the problem however if we look at ourselves, we MUST realize we’ve had Nobel Prize winners, many from our youth have emerged as IT experts, how are we not capable enough to take care of the garbage that’s exists throughout the nation?

Are we really helpless and useless or we don’t want to make strategies and provide solutions to overcome our basic issues ourselves?

We must ponder over that depending on others’ resources, begging money from institutions such as the IMF is not the solution to our problems.

WE DO HAVE THE CAPACITY TO HANDLE ISSUES OURSELVES! It is just the intention which is lacking and it is high time we create it.

It is us, the normal citizens who need to stand up now. Take the example of other countries such as Turkey whose normal citizens stood up and came onto the streets at just a call from their leader.

But why were they so ready to come onto the streets on just one call from their leader? It was because their leader has traits which cannot be compared to our leaders. He has done a lot for his nation in every area such as education, labour rights, infrastructure, justice, women and demographics and healthcare.

But still, without a loyal and just leadership, individuals have stood up and taken matters in their own hands when it comes to taking care of garbage and covering manholes. We should also do the same and encourage others as well to take at least baby steps in every area for our country. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!

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