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Donald Trump Won’t Go to Supreme Court over Muslim Ban

Those who were against the Travel Ban are celebrating as The White House has decided not to challenge an appeals court ruling in the Supreme Court. Donald Trump was dead sure that he was going to win the case in the Supreme Court having tweeted this.


But he folded his cards as it could have been a risk to suffer his fourth legal setback over the travel ban in which seven Muslim countries were involved. So, the white House announced that for the time being, it would not pursue the case any further.

Donald Trump met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Washinton too where he hinted that his legal struggle will continue but speaking to Air Force One he told reporters “We also have a lot of other options.”

With these statements of Mr. Trump, it is clear that he is somewhat afraid and regrets the decision he earlier took regarding the Muslim travel ban.

It is also found over the internet that during the press conference, the 45th President of the United States did not have a clue about what was going on when Shinzo Abe was speaking and he just laughed at the air at what he thought were jokes made by Shinzo Abe.

Later, when the question and answer session began, according to some sources, Donald Trump picked up the earpiece in which Japanese-to-English translation was going on from the podium and was able to answer the questions which were asked to him.

CNN reported Trump laughed at jokes during Abe’s statement but was likely following the cue of White House staff who did have earpieces in.

“The president was standing there but he was not able to understand, likely, what the prime minister was saying… Several members of his staff and the vice-president didn’t either,” said Jeff Zeleny, the broadcaster’s senior White House correspondent.

“It wasn’t until after the questions got going that they seemed to realize they had these translator devices.


“So the president was laughing at the jokes at the beginning about playing golf and other things but he seemed to be following the cues of some advisors who had these earpieces in.”


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