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A Doctor’s Experience of Treating a 6 Year Old Rape Victim

On January 20th, a girl was found in a drain (naala) in Karachi’s Korangi Industrial Area where she was left to die after being brutally raped. What was worse is that her throat was also slit open. But miraculously, she survived.

The doctor who was present at The Civil Hospital, Karachi to treat her told an account of her condition. She first saw her on a wheeled stretcher on which her eyes were dead still. When she touched the victim for treatment, she found out that she was as cold as Greenland’s icy mountains. She thought the victim was dead. But it was the ambulance driver who told her it wasn’t so.

People outside the hospital were shouting ‘she is alive’, ‘she is alive’ which gave everybody an account of what a chaos it was there. It was a very scary scene as her throat was slit open. Suddenly she moved in a jerky way which caused the doctor to realize she was still alive. She was in disbelief as she saw the clotted blood around the cut in the front of her neck but then she started at what she was best at.

Some other surgeons arrived to see her condition and see the depth of her wounds and said it was a miracle that she survived.

How could she possibly survive for some two hours in that kachra kundi which was more than a naala of the industrial area? The doctors just had to praise the Almighty after seeing her condition.

As she was being taken to the operation theatre, the victim’s hand was in the doctor’s. As the doctor tried to ask her name, she felt the strong smell of blood coming from her ear. What could she have gone through? JUST IMAGINE. Are those responsible for her condition even humans?

She pointed to her groin on which the doctor became emotional. Never ever before in her entire career had she become so ‘touched’ by any patient.

In the operation theatre, she was put under treatment. The surgeons operated on her neck wound, repairing it bit by bit. She was used as a disposable item and then thrown into the wild.

After almost two hours, the surgeons were done with their work. After that she was transferred to the ICU. The doctor saw her and she saw a smile on her face at which she saluted her courage.

The girl was then visited by psychiatrists. She was under severe stress and needed continuous therapy for rehabilitation. She will be evaluated every day by psychiatrists and psychologists. She went through trauma that is beyond our imagination.

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