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Do What you Love and Love What you Do

If a child is not into a particular subject for example math or English then what is the exact way to obtain optimum results from him? And if someone asks him to write something about the topic (which he hates) or rather cannot absorb, then the result will be no other than a baffled child slouched in his seat sitting blank and searching for fairies to help him out.

But it’s not that hard. All it requires is a little effort. What could possibly go wrong? A heavy thumping by the parents or a few harsh words?

Now let’s have a look at it from the other side. A child with absolute no interest in the subject and people around force him into that. What the parents require are good grades but do they know anything what’s going in the mind of the little child? What kind of a brain does he possess? Each and every one of us have been gifted with something unique. Is his brain suitable for what you’re asking for?

SO what exactly is the solution to this? Parents want something while the child’s capabilities are totally against it. COMMUNICATION! Yes Communication between the child and parent will help to produce results. Guaranteed results. Communication needs to be effective. For effective communication, there are some components. These include message, encoding, decoding, and the most important FEEDBACK.

There should be proper communication between the child and his parent. The parents need to understand the mind frame of the particular child. There are children who score 42 A’s in high school but that doesn’t mean every child should aim for the same. Some are good at artistry for example all of us have watched movies such as the Bollywood hit, Taare Zameen Par and not to forget Three Idiots of course. We should learn a message from these type of movies that children should do what they like. A little forcing can be okay but within limits.

The key to success is to do what you love and love what you do. If Picasso would have played cricket or if Elvis Presley was forced to kick footballs into goal nets then things would have definitely not worked out and history wouldn’t have been the same.

That child whose head is completely different from what you’re expecting from him can be the victim of several mental illnesses too so what should be done is that leniency should be provided to children in terms of education and other life decisions.

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