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Delayed License to Pokémon Go

The gigantic smartphone and online gaming bazaar, China is delaying the issue of a license to Nintendo’s widely followed game Pokémon Go due to risks which can be in the form of road accidents as people are literally overtaking the streets even if they could, bare-footed if they would spot a Pikachu nearby. Pokémon Go ‘freaks’ have their eyes on their smartphones more than rather being on the streets while driving which is one of the biggest and best reasons to delay a license to the globally successful game.

Niantic Inc. launched the game initially on July the 6th 2016 in the USA and what a response did they get! The famous American band Maroon 5 even based their video of their recent single, ‘Don’t Wanna Go’, on the game. Funny video though. But jokes apart USA can actually be named as one of the safest countries for the game and other games alike. But the game was a cause for many accidents and tragedies because of which China is now delaying the over the air download available to the game.

Moreover, unofficially, the game is being downloaded and installed in many countries and similar accidents have been taking place globally because of this.

Many of you must be wondering what the game is about. The game is based on the famous cartoon series which was aired in the 90’ and early 2000’s. In the game, people literally have to go around walking or ‘hunting’ cartoon characters and ‘catch’ them in their smartphones. Okay fine you get to catch virtual cartoons but what if the angel of death catches you while in the process.

This step taken by China to delay the release of the game is one of the wisest decisions the superpower has made as human lives are more important than weird animal-like cartoon characters.

In addition to the terrible accidents which have taken place because of the game, there is also a privacy concern as the app-game requires geological location of the player which can tempt mobsters to locate their preys.

Author: Hasan Shahid

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