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Dear Male Teacher, Stop being a “Teach-HER”

As they say, teachers (ustaads) are the ones who convey their knowledge to their students but what is happening here? Teachers also harassing their students? YES! This is what has been happening in one of the private universities of Karachi. And this is just one student who actually stood up. What about those trillions and zillions of shy girls who don’t say a word and just die inside.

Not giving appropriate grades to deserving students who do not obey the PERSONAL commands of students? By personal commands, the following are included:-

  • Being best friends with teachers
  • Class points for laughing at every joke the teacher cracks
  • Not questioning his intentions and be interested in whatever he says
  • Having the same taste in music as his
  • Accept invitations to rave parties
  • Talk about his girlfriends (bachiyan) openly

These allegations have been made by a student of a university in Karachi against his male teacher.

Dear sisters, if this happens to any of you then please take note, YOUR TEACHER IS A PERVERT! Try to stay away from him as long as it is possible. These kind of teachers are the ones who will do all the wishy washy talking and try to catch you in their fishing net.

The student provided all that she needed to for passing marks. But still she was failed by her teacher.

‘Is it really fair for a student to fail a course just because he/she hasn’t been laughing/making conversations/talking to the teacher outside of class? Does submitting each and every assignment not count? What am I wasting my money on? What am I learning? How do I stay motivated when such teachers teach us?’ This is part of what she said in her facebook post.

She further added that the teacher was not replying to her e-mails and won’t give a justification on why he failed her. All she wanted was an explanation on why the teacher failed her. On this post of hers, many other comments followed who might have been experiencing the same thing but I guess did never have the chance to express themselves in this open way. And these comments were not limited just to the university mentioned before. Students of other famous universities also started to roll out what was inside them from years I guess.

So what exactly is the solution to this problem? Pakistan has always had problems like harassment in concerts and other public events. What needs to be done is appropriate action should be taken against wrongdoers whether in the form of fines or penalties to even physical arrests.

But the thing is STAND UP for yourself! Do not remain silent. If anything similar is happening in your life then use your voice as a weapon against these culprits. Believe me, these kind of people will be the most scared ones. More power to you!

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