The topic as it seems is not easy to discover but the issue needs to be resolved. Safety is a problem which is faced by women all kept over the world in different forms. But includes their safety in the boundary of the house and kept outside. Women all over the world face brutality within their houses as they do not have right of decision for their future. They depend on their husband, brother, an sons. No matter how they are intelligent or learned sometimes but they face negative behavior and inequality.

secondly outside world is also cruel especially in Asian countries they daily face cheapness around them. They are harassed by words gestures even physically abused. They don’t have any liberty or freedom in the society to move without any male with them. In rural areas is even worse they are killed women in the name honor killing without know any reason or without any serious issue.

In our society norms its too tough to be a woman and struggle for future or good name without facing the problem. There is a dire need in changing behavior of people through educating them properly and also there is a need of positive change among them.

Then where we can get solution? its not very difficult if we follow Islam our religion there is solution of every problem. Women should have right to get education , they have right to freedom at home as well as outside of home but in their limits. Domestic violence could only be resolved by giving rights to women at home without any gender discrimination. Women should be protected everywhere by everyone. Women should be given love, respect, support and their rights.

women face difficulty in adopting a future profession also. Our society is male dominated where it is too tough to survive being a successful professional lady. Ladies face difficulty whether they are working as a boss or as an employee. The situation gets worse we pay an attention to the number of female harasses in a professional institutions, so called men feel degraded or small to accept the higher position of intellectual females around them same is the case in educational institutions.

i regret the mindset of our society where being inferior to a female is a “shame” for them. there should be no need to promote this thinking. In this regard we should follow the western style of life were female are regarded as human beings and given equal opportunities as men and they are free to work in every condition with freedom. there are a rare cases over there also but very less.

when all is said what are the ways to a safer world for women and why is the need for this. I know no one out there wish for the world for women which is not safe. Even people who think that men are superior to women , wish a safer place for women for the reason that they have women at their houses their mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters also need a safer world where their abilities can flourish and this is the only way of a progress for their future and future of their country as well because safety is the first and final right of any human being living in the society.


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