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It all started with an advertisement. The thing was to divert the audience and consumers from tea to coffee. That also instant coffee. It requires customs and hard work to get the right cup of tea. Instead go for an instant coffee mix, which will give you a quick strong fix? Chai which has been the ‘drink of the east’ from many years and just one advertisement will make it go down the drain?

Chai has been there for us from ages. And now just stupid advertisements will persuade us to switch from chai to coffee? Like seriously?

In the advertisement, a ‘pretty’ girl talks about how ‘upgraded’ we are in terms of our taste in electronics and gadgets. And now comparing old worn out stuff to chai is the silliest thing a person could do. I am literally going bonkers over the fact that people are actually switching to coffee just because of the advertisement. I mean this shows us the lack of awareness and education of our country in a way.

Tea has been there for us Pakistanis from the age of the dinosaurs and knocking it out of the market will be no easy job. People do get fits in this chilly season to have coffee instead of tea. But the tea of Pakistan is not any normal tea. It is CHAI. YES there should be a word in the English dictionary named C.H.A.I. It should be called chai! It has this unique aroma which cannot be replaced by any smell in the entire world.

There are some cafés in Karachi which offer coffee regularly and those loyal to coffee, I’m not against them. The fury I’m taking out is on those who just switch to coffee in the chilly season.

This can be compared to a guy ditching his girlfriend for a new girl who just appeared in the neighborhood and will be here for just a month or so. So it’s your choice people. Do you really want to break up with your soul mate (chai) for this new ‘BURGER’ thing? If yes then go ahead and ruin your life.

Author Name: Hasan Shahid


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