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How Can You Offer Namaz In Space? Meet The Muslim Astronaut Who Has Done It!

Is there anything more wonderful than a Muslim and his reverberating confidence? In fact, when you dive deep regarding confidence, you essentially don’t see anything turning into an obstacle in giving you a chance to practice it. Such is the magnificence of the connection among Allah and his manifestations are. When you make a plunge the craft of Divinity, you are an alternate individual.

Namaz is compulsory on all Muslims. Our religion lays incredible accentuation on the recognition of consistent supplications. It leaves no special case for missing Namaz 5 times each day. For this reality and all the sustaining an adherent drastically grasps throughout his life taking after offering normal petitions, he simply does not let anything prevent him from breaking this example.

When you offer standard petitions, whenever and anyplace with no reasons, it inside and out mirrors your dedication and teach to confidence. It is completely obvious and one ought to be constantly empowered about it. We can without much of a stretch run over individuals who don’t trouble the time or put and basically bow down to Allah as they see a shot. Yet, have you met somebody going past all breaking points in determination for it?

Have you at any point found out about somebody who offered Namaz in space? It is a question worth inquiring. We present to you a Muslim space traveler who offered petitions in space. Yes, really in space where there is definitely no gravity by any means.

In any case, how could he figure out how to isn’t that right? Thinking of you as experience a dawn like clockwork and you have huge amounts of things to do in your space carry or more all, the moving International Space Station essentially can’t confront Holy Makkah precisely!

This MALAYSIAN Muslim has opposed all points of confinement. He offered namaz in space and it’s effectively best story you are perusing today.

Meet Dr. Sheik Muszaphar, he is a team part on board the sixteenth goal of International Space Station. Dr. Sheik is an enthusiast and he saw zero chance for strong space to avoid him from offering Namaz. For him, offering supplications and presenting the Holy Quran is a huge piece of life.



All things considered, he tells that Islamic researchers made it clear that he ought to have his absolute best aim to bow while offering Namaz. He needed to utilize the nearby time from where he propelled for the space missing for the timings of petitions for himself.

Every time you see the Earth, you get goosebumps and you think of Allah’s creations. – Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar

Dr. Sheik Muszaphar is not the primary ever Muslim to go in space. He happens to be the ninth and his dedication and commitment to Allah is honorable. 


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