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"خبر کی دوڑ میں سب سے آگے"

Sunday / August 20, 2017 12:48 AM
HomeSportsBakhtawar Bhutto, Aseefa Bhutto Train with Boxer Amir Khan in Dubai

Bakhtawar Bhutto, Aseefa Bhutto Train with Boxer Amir Khan in Dubai


Amir said he had a really great time with them, further adding that the duo also invited him to visit Lahore.

“I met Bakhtawar and Aseefa through my wife Faryal and they invited me to Lahore. We had some food with them and had a great time with them. They are really really nice people, [their] hospitality was amazing.,” Amir said.

The former world champion was all praises for Bakhtawar Bhutto, he said that he had a boxing training session with Bakhtawar Bhutto.

“We went to the gym; as Bakhtawar trains and she loves boxing so I trained her with the coach, helped her. We learnt boxing and everything. She did great. Honestly, she boxes very good. She is very strong. She is very committed and very focused.”

“Bakhtawar loves boxing and I trained with her in the gym,” he said, adding he also said that she gifted him and his wife the autobiography of her mother, “Daughter of Destiny”. The former world champion also shared videos of him training with Bakhtawar in the gym, with Bakhtawar showing her punching skills during the training session.


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