Now a days the press conference of Ayesha Gulali   is a new topic of debate. On August 1, 2017 the press conference held by Ayesha and in her press conference she put a serious allegations on the character of Pakistan Tehreek-e   –Insaf chairperson Imran khan.

 She said that I am receiving vulgar messages from Imran khan since from October 2013 in my black berry mobile phone. She also gave a detail briefing about the PTI party system, as she said that in PTI there is no respect of merit and there is a huge corruption has found at the leadership level in PTI.

 After the press conference made by Ayesha it was become the hot story of most of new papers, news channels and also a part of blog section.

 Imran khan prohibited all GULALI’S claim and said that   PML-N try to purchase her,  this  entire plot was execute  by PML-N ,as they cannot accept their failure  and they wanted  to let  me  down   that’s why they are using these stupid tricks.

On 8 AUGUST 2017

Pakistan Tehreek-e- insaf disapproved the ethics committee made by   National Assembly speaker Ayaz Sadiq   to look in to the matter of Ayesha GULALI accusations.

 Shireen Mazari addressed to the speaker and said that party rejected the committee that would consists of 20 members and 13 from the3 treasury and seven from   opposition benches.

Imran khan had also against the formation committee and calling it an irrational move and also said that it would be injustice if committee formed by Government itself and whenever anyone asked Gulali to show those discourteous messages she is denying.


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