The blue-peered toward tea-vender, Arshad Khan, otherwise known as ‘chai wala’ from Islamabad is presently surprising the Pakistan’s media outlet.

A music video titled Chai wala by Lil Mafia Mundeer, a pair situated in Lahore, has been making rounds via web-based networking media and components Khan as the lead display.

The video starts in a news studio, where the stay is breaking the news of the ChaiWala’s prosperity.

One picture of Arshad Khan otherwise known as Chaiwala on Social media made him get overnight acclaim as well as land a profession in showbiz. The man who gave exceptionally inflexible proclamations in the begin is currently diverting and picked a way that he felt was not impeccable by any stretch of the imagination.

He just went into a demonstrating vocation, made his runway make a big appearance, and later featured in a music video. His presentation film is likewise on its approach to generation.

In the event that we track the vocation of Arshad Khan till now, then it would be apparent that man is simply tolerating each offer and he does not understand whether he is doing well or off-base with respect to succeeding of a sound profession

Khan sets the screen ablaze with his appearance as he grasps a plate with tea glasses. The verses of the melody, terrible rhymes and words that will make you wince, follow his ascent to popularity.

Mr. Rapper and DJ Danny are seen cutting to the melody while Khan is seen donning a suit posturing with women and serving chai with style; with his hair flipping, all while moving to the beat.

The man has recently shot a video that is typically alright however a lot for the man who thought showbiz or demonstrating is not in the least noteworthy and he would do just those things that his family values allowed.

In his forthcoming music video Arshad Khan has displayed for the vocalist Muskan Jay. The video would be a redo of Mam Noor Jahan’s melody Teri Beparwai. The new music video highlights the wonderful Margalla Hills is yet to discharge.

Being sought after is clearly something to be thankful for however working for anything that won’t not be popular can prompt to abuse.

The artists who are not very standard are simply getting the consideration of the masses, yet this is driving the man to do work that may not give his adequate odds of learning and preparing. Without a doubt, such things are taking him on a voyage from the acclaim to abuse.


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