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92 -Year-Old ‘RICH MAN’ marries 29-year-old Woman

A MASSIVE 60 year age gap between the bride and groom. YES! Who says money cannot buy you wives. Charity Mumba, 29, originally from Zambia, tied the knot with 92-year-old South African Peter Grooves who is reported to be a ‘wealthy’ man. His complete wealth is not clear but it is rumored that he has made a lot in shares and stocks.

Their wedding follows a series of marriages in South Africa, where there has been a reported trend of young Zambia women travelling to the country in search of wealthy, elderly husbands.

So this is the new fashion, finding old age people who have lots of wealth and marrying them just to survive.

People have had different views about this. Some say it is perfectly normal as long as the couple are happy. This reminds me of something as being a native Urdu speaker. Jab mian biwi razi toh kya karega Qazi. On the other hand there are views similar to those of Mr. Mtokolo Limpo, an African local. He says,

‘Zambian women are a disgrace, you come all the way to dine with an old man.

‘What special attention are you going to give him apart from sucking up his money?’

Zambia is one of the poorest countries in southern Africa with 68 per cent of people living below the poverty line. South Africa, in contrast, is comparatively rich with 20 per cent of people living in poverty.

These types of marriages are not common at least of now in the world but after this thing from Zambian women, we shall just wait for others to do the same.

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