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7 things which make you less attractive

Here are 7 things which according to science make you look less attractive.

1.      Stress

Chances are that the opposite sex are less likely to find you attractive if you’re dealing with stress. Think about it. Who will try to hook up with you if you’re already dealing with stuff inside your head? No one! So eliminate that stress you’re dealing with somehow. Physical activity is the best antidote for stress. It’s the Almighty’s land. Just start by simply running on it and produce some sweat.

2.      Sleep Deprivation

We generally perceive those who’ve skimped on sleep as less attractive, less healthy and sadder. Who would like to hook up with a sad individual? 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily is a must for a healthy human body. So make sure you sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily so you have better chances of being noticed by someone you admire.

3.      Negative Body Language

Crossing your arms or hunching your shoulders can make you less attractive than holding your arms upward in a ‘V’ or reaching out to something.

4.      Looking too happy or proud

Men rate women more attractive when they look happy and less when they display pride. Pride is something no one wants to see and something which the Almighty hates. So it is a good idea that pride and prejudice sort of things are kept away from the traits one possesses.

5.      No sense of humor

Not being funny or having an average sense of humor is certainly less attractive then having a GREAT sense of humor.

6.      Laziness

In one experiment, researchers asked students in a six-week archaeology course to rate each other on different personality traits as well as attractiveness, at the start and the end of the course.

When they analyzed the results, the researchers found that even students who’d been rated average at the beginning of the course were rated less attractive than average later on if they’d proven to be lazy.

7.      Body odor

THE BIGGEST TURN OFF! Unpleasant body odor. Guys please use deodorants and perfumes if your body is one of those which emit literally toxic fumes!

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