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5 Tips for Students to Eliminate Exam Anxiety

I was peeping here and there, trying to discover any of my mates’ uncovered answer sheets. Unfortunately, all of them had their sheets covered either with their arms or a book which they were using as a blocking weapon against cheaters. NO! I wasn’t trying to cheat in my exam! Was just peeping here and there which is normal. But what made me do it? Here are five tips which you should keep in mind if you have an exam coming up! This article will help you whether you are doing Matriculation, O or A levels, or attempting any other examination anywhere in the world.

1.      Picture possible exam questions

There is something in our country, especially to students of matriculation and intermediate, known as a five-year. Basically, it is a book which contains the past examination papers’ questions. Study the questions which have appeared in previous years. They give you an idea of what the examination will put forward of you in your examination seats.

2.      Get familiar with the exam center beforehand

It is normal for a person to get a bit shaky when exposed to a new environment. Everything takes time. Similarly, if you will go to the exam center one or two days before the date of your examination, you will have sort of a familiarity with the examination hall or center or whatever. Get to know the route towards the exam center, the place where you will be sitting and the atmosphere around.

3.      Get enough sleep

Our bodies need rest. The biggest mistake a person can make before going to an academic examination is not to have an ample amount of sleep. 6 hours is what science says but whatever amount suits your body. Get that amount of sleep. You don’t want yourself falling asleep on the examination desk! Apart from that there are more chances of getting anxious in the exam if you have not got the proper amount of sleep.

4.      Associate happy thoughts with the exam

Go into the examination hall with a positive attitude. Enter with a smile on your face. Imagine yourself NAILING the answer sheet! Imagine what it’s gonna feel like when you achieve an A+ in your examination. These things will help you shrug all that negativity away kick all that anxiety out of the hall!

5.      Take deep breaths

Once you’ve entered the hall, sat on the place with the answer sheet in front of you, it is time for the deep breathing to start. If you feel even a bit of anxiety surrounding you then just BREATHE YOUR LUNGS OUT! This activity is known to calm oneself down and put an end to ones anxiety whether it be in an examination hall or in a waiting are.


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