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5 Tips to Make your iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Battery timing is an issue which most, if not all, smartphone owners have. Moreover, as the phone gets used more and more, the battery life gradually declines and causes frustration to many. This is the reason which forces many of us to even replace our phones.

Here are 5 tips which will help you to utilize your phone’s battery to the fullest:

1.    Turn Off ‘Background App Refresh’

The first thing you need to do is to turn off “background app refresh”. You can do this by going to settings and then tap on general. Look for background app refresh then and turn it off. Applications running in the background of your phone constantly refresh themselves and update your location which takes up much of your battery usage. If you want some of your apps to still update themselves and the content they have then you can switch off this feature for some if not all.

2.    Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, when switched on, drain your battery life at a rapid pace. I’m sure you know how to switch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off. So whenever you are not in the need of these two then just switch off these things.

3.    Turn On ‘Auto-Brightness

At maximum brightness, the phone consumes around 80% of your iPhone’s battery. To turn on this feature, go to Setting>Display and Brightness and then switch on Auto Brightness.

4.    Turn Off Facebook Autoplay

One of the most battery consuming things on your phone is the facebook autoplay feature. To turn it off open facebook and look for settings. It will come on a menu when you tap the icon on the extreme bottom right. After tapping settings, go to account settings>videos and photos and select ‘never autoplay’ videos.

5.    Turn off PARALAX!

IPhones are installed with a default setting that enables seamless scrolling and transitions. To turn it off go to settings>general>accessibility and tap reduce motion. Note that it should be switched ON that is the bar in front of it must be green.

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