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4 Things you need to do this February

Winter is that time of the year when all the blankets and quilts reappear in all of your households. In addition to that, geysers are back in town providing the garam paani without which a shower is impossible.

Now that it’s time to say goodbye to this chilly season which many of us crave for, here are some things which you need to do right now if possible.

1.    Buy an Air Conditioner

The best time to buy an air conditioner is now. During the summer season, prices are usually high as compared to months like January and February here in Pakistan. In the winter season, the scorching heat of the sun in the upcoming months is usually ignored. We forget the times when people get heat strokes as temperatures reach up to 45 degree Celsius in certain cities. So if you have a capacity and will, then this is the best time to buy yourself a ‘chilling’ machine.

2.    Save the Blankets

Now when the time of the chilly nights is almost over, another thing you need to do is put those blankets back into the dens. A good thing to do is give the blankets a good wash and then preserve them in plastic bags. This will help you next year when you take out these blankets again. No need to get them washed then.

3.    Cover your Geysers’ Thermostats

Usually, the part of your geyser which stops working especially in this season is the thermostat. The thermostat stays idle that is it has nothing to do for almost eight months in an year. So there are more chances that the thermostat will expire and will need a replacement. What you can do is cover the thermostat with a plastic bag. In this way, dust and other particles will not be able to enter the thermostat and kill it.

4.    Arranging the warm clothes

Just like the blankets, your garam kapray also need a resting place so that they can be utilized again next year. The warm clothes need to be washed or dry cleaned and out in some place in hermitage where they cannot be harmed. The warm clothes after getting dry cleaned will be available to you next year and you will just have to pick them up as if from a store.

Author Name: Hasan Shahid

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