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4 Mesmerizing foods Pakistanis feast vigorously

‘Pachaas rupay kilo’, ‘pachaas rupay kilo’ is something you will not hear anywhere else in the world except Pakistan. YES OUR PAKISTAN! We have the freedom to do many things which others dream of doing. Here are 4 things which every foreigner must try and are the quintessence of basic enjoyment in our country.

1.      Halwa Puri

If you want to have breakfast and looking for options then halwa puri is the perfect fix. It is widely available around the country. In Karachi there are places such as boat basin in southern Karachi and Tooso in Bahadurabad which provide the finest halwa puri you can imagine of. Other places in Karachi include Tariq Road and Ayesha Manzil where ‘dhamthal’ are experts in their field.

2.      Pathan ki chai

Tea or chai as it is called in Urdu can easily be called the beverage of the subcontinent. Here in Karachi, Pathans have ‘chai hotels’ across the city where they sell make and sell tea round the clock. They even have delivery boys who would deliver tea to shopkeepers on foot. The consumption of tea is so much that a chai hotel can be found in almost every street of the country.

3.      Paan

Paan sellers are more in number than tea sellers. The investment needed is less and the customers are mammoth in number. Paan is something which is enjoyed after meals by a majority of people around the nation. Paan is the reason why many walls and roads across the city are covered with ‘paan ki peekh’.

4.      Thandi Lassi

Since the weather for most of the year here in Pakistan is hot and dry, lassi is something which is an adversary of hot weather and which Karachiites enjoy in huge quantities. Sialkot Milk Center in Bahadurabad and Rahat Milk Center in DHA are some places to look out for.

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